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Centaur Fencing System

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centaurlogo.pngYou can be sure that Centaur equine fencing will be doing its job, keeping your horses safe for decades to come.  

As you know, if containment were our only concern, we could surround our horses with a fence of stone, steel, and barbs and turn our pasture into Fort Knox, but that would never work. You need a fence that’s strong and horse-friendly. A horse-friendly fence is designed with an understanding of horse behavior and how they interact with fencing. Typically, horses will lean against, nudge, nibble, and even test their fence. And during a skirmish or panicked rush, a horses may run full-speed into their fence. A fence that’s too rigid can cause serious or fatal injuries from impact. A fence that breaks leaving splintered wood, PVC or dangling wire can be just as deadly. A break-away style fence exposes your stock to the hazards of traffic and the surrounding area. In contrast, Centaur Fence will absorb and disperse impact along the rail or strand, significantly reducing the opportunity for injury. Centaur’s flexible design ensures that if an animal pushes or rushes the fence, the fence will give just enough to prevent injury without compromising the perimeter. That’s why Centaur is known as The Horse-Friendly Fence®.a